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Top 10 Best CNC Machine Shop in Oakland CA


Top 10 Best Stainless  Steel CNC Aluminum Milling Machine Shop,  Oakland CA

Top 10 Best CNC Machine Shop, Oakland CA
machine shop plastic fabrication fremont
machine shop plastic fabrication fremont

Oakland CA & Newark CA Machine Shop CNC milling

CNC Metal Fabrication Cupertino CA & Fremont CA

Aluminum CNC milling Fabrication Mountain View CA & Newark CA

Machine Shop CNC service Cupertino CA & Mountain View CA

Palo Alto CA CNC Stainless Steel Milling Santa Clara CA

AJ Solutions Machining has the equipment to get your parts made on time with unparalleled accuracy. We have some of the most talented and experienced staff in Bay area California and are capable of turning

Custom manufacturer of CNC machined plastics. AJ Solution Machining has the ability to machine the most complex parts while maintaining an extremely high level of quality. Both CNC turning and milling are specialties we pride ourselves highly on, including gear hobbing, broaching, spline cutting, facing, contour turning, form turning, taper turning, and straight turning. we specialize in precision CNC machining of a wide array of plastics in Fremont CA, including acrylic, polycarbonate (Lexan), polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS, PVC, and more. 


AJ Solutions Machining is a Custom Manufacturer Specializing in Precision Plastic Fabrication, CNC Routing, CNC Turning, and CNC Vertical Milling of plastic parts.

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Stainless Steel CNC Milling Santa Clara CA & Palo Alto CA

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